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Tools for jewellery making

  • £1.10

    Bead Stopper

    A very cleaver tool to stop your beads from falling off the wire. Simply flex the back of the spring, insert the beading wire, release and clamp th...

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  • £1.20

    Bead Mat

    Bead mats are essential when beading. They stop your beads from moving around, make picking up beads easy and fit nicely onto a tray if you fancy b...

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  • £11.90

    Crimping Pliers

    These crimping pliers create smooth, rounded crimps every time. A special two-step process allows the plier to first separate the crimp into two se...

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  • £13.00

    Soldering Block / Firing Block Large

    For soldering on or firing metal clay. Great as a base for other soldering blocks. Dimensions - 315 x 190 x 25mm

  • £6.00

    Steel Mandrel Set 1.5 - 10mm

    Beaders and wire artists alike will love this tool for its ability to create consistently sized loops, circles and coils in wire. Made of carbon st...

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  • £25.00

    Metal Clay Kit - Beginners

    All the essential tools you need for starting to make at home. Our unique kit includes...Amy's Metal Clay Balm, Teflon Sheet, Roller, Emery Paper, ...

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  • £6.25

    Chain Nose Pliers

    A good choice for a professional tool at a very good economy price. PVC grip. Additional features: • Polished steel head • Double-leaf spring for s...

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  • £4.15

    Ball Pein Hammer

    4 oz ball pien hammer. Great for texturing metal to give a dimple finish that catches the light. We recommend using with our steel plate to support...

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  • £7.00


     Curved Tip Burnisher. Use to set stones, polish and smooth edges on metal and fired metal clay.

  • £10.00

    Piercing Saw

    Use for cutting metal. we recommend cutting on a Bench Peg with our Saw Blades 2/0.

  • £9.50

    Needle Files

    Set of 12 Used for filing, smoothing and cleaning up metal, metal clay projects or metal beads. Total tool length is approximately 6 inches. Shapes...

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  • £1.50

    Emery paper

    A selection of useful grades of emery paper to help create a smooth, refined finished. 120 - 400 - 600 - 800 - 1000 - 1200

  • £3.35

    Saw Blades

    Grade 2/0 Ideal for working with sheet 0.6 - 0.8mm Pack of 12

  • £9.50

    Bench Peg

    Attach to a table top and create an easier, more comfortable, more supportive working space for your silversmithing projects.

  • from £2.50

    Steel Rulers

    Steel Ruler Great for using when measuring and marking metal.   Available in two sizes... 300mm 150mm

    from £2.50
  • £17.50

    Ring Mandrel

    Steel Ring Mandrel Length - 290mm Size - 12-22mm

  • £60.00

    Silversmithing Beginners Kit

    Everything you need to get started making Silver jewellery projects. The kit includes... Piercing Saw, Beeswax, Piercing Saw Blades 2/0, Needle Fil...

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  • £32.50

    Soldering Kit

    Everything you need to get started soldering your jewellery projects. The kit includes... Fire Block, Auroflux, Brush, Brass Tweezers, Reverse Acti...

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  • from £1.60

    Easy Solder

    Easy solder for your jewellery soldering projects. Length - 50mm Easy Silver Solder Strip, melt range 705-723°C. 67.1% Silver Available Cut or Uncut

    from £1.60
  • from £3.50

    Hard Solder

    Hard solder for your jewellery soldering projects. Length - 50mm Hard Silver Solder Strip, melt range 745-778°C. 67.1% silver Available Cut or Uncut

    from £3.50
  • £9.00

    Soldering Block / Firing Block

    For soldering on or firing metal clay.

  • £7.50

    Rubber Dapping Block

    These rubber backs have a variety of uses... supporting steel plates when hammering supporting metal or metal clay when drilling supporting your...

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  • £8.60

    Mini Macrame Board

    For making mini macrame projects. An easy to use foam board.

  • £3.70

    Bead Board

    Create your own unique pieces of jewellery using these great design boards. Great for jewellery making craft projects, bead stringing, aligning bea...

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